That Flippy Floppy Thing

Posted by Elias Rodriguez on Jul 18th 2017

“That Flippy Floppy Thing” is a new teaser made by Squidnation. It is a squid chain depicting a critter scattering a bunch of bait in the air. Last July I made a comment to Bill Pino, the owner of Squ … read more

The Art Of Being Organized When It Comes To Tackle Boxes

Posted by Elias Rodriguez on Jul 18th 2017

Back when I started fishing, we only had available the traditional tackle box with two or three rows of trays. You could see everything in these boxes but everything also got wet. It was a battle agai … read more

How to choose Outrigger Clips

Posted by Elias Rodriguez on Jul 18th 2017

How to pick the right outrigger clip for the targeted species? Back in the mid 70’s, when I started trolling for dolphin of Miami, there were a limited selection of outrigger clips for the offshore an … read more

Mini Slammer Circle hook rig

Posted by Elias Rodriguez on Feb 15th 2014

Mini Slammer Circle hook rigSquidnation just came out with the Mini Slammer lure, which is a new mini chugger made for using with circle hook on a ballyhoo combo. The advantage of this mini chugger lu … read more
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